UPAMS Unified Property Access & Management System

Property Management

efficiently manage large inventories

  • Import new properties from spreadsheets with safeguards against duplicate entry
  • Custom Property Reports provide filtered property lists for bulk operations
  • Inventory Group features assist in monitoring subsets of total inventory
  • Identify properties within specific zip codes and define a sub-group for those properties
  • Add Field Messages to relay important information to field personnel
  • View all attributes for a property including current conditions and time-line
  • Retrieve local landfill information based on distance from property
  • Choose contractor(s) based on distance from property
  • Automatic property condition update from recent inspection data
  • Synchronize property information from imported spreadsheets

Job Management

accurately track and manage jobs with ease

  • Monitor jobs based on assigned, accepted, uploaded, reviewed, revision status
  • Identify properties that require a specific job, insures proper assignments
  • Manage recurring jobs with greater efficiency using the Order Services feature
  • Alert automation for overdue jobs. Supports office staff and field personnel notifications
  • Duplicate job detection helps reduce human errors
  • Custom job report provides simple interface for retrieving filtered reports
  • Smart reporting using reported data allows staff to quickly resolve serious property issues
  • Ensure field personnel are informed of property conditions with the Worksheet feature
  • Communication tools notify field personnel to perform extra work during next property visit
  • Modify jobs without canceling. Supports reassignment, date and pay adjustments, etc.
  • Adjust first or last allowed dates for jobs either singularly or in bulk
  • Work progress reports submitted by field personnel automate contractor payments
  • Restrict payment for services until jobs are field verified
  • Review uploaded jobs for quality control with support to adjust pay based on photographs
  • Create payments to contractors within seconds. Supports job pay amount threshold alerts
  • Allow accounting staff to review job payments for accuracy before processing final payment
  • Contractor payments can optionally require management approval before processing
  • Robust report generating options available to tailor the final job report
  • Advanced transfer methods send report files or report data to your clients

Contractor Management

comprehensive information and accountability

  • Track and report insurance status, socioeconomic status, training history, etc.
  • Restrict contractors in the system who have not met your requirements
  • Define contractor areas by county or fine tune using zip codes
  • Manage overlapping contractor service areas based upon service type
  • View the most suitable contractor for job assignment based upon system recommendations
  • Efficiently assign routine assignments with the Contractor Service Area feature

Quality Control

avoid costly errors and omissions

  • Uploaded reports are systematically tested for errors allowing staff to prioritize
  • Picture policies can be defined for every job task per state. Enables missing picture alerts
  • Automatic alerts when report questions are not consistent with property conditions
  • Support for duplicate photograph detection. Alerts staff during review
  • Previous front elevation photos are displayed during report review for comparison
  • Automatic processing of reports with lower company liability levels
  • Automatic comparison of report data with pictures to ensure consistency

Customer Support

dedicated to customer service and satisfaction

  • Server maintenance, hardware component replacement, and operating system upgrades
  • Constant network monitoring for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Implementation of client suggestions and recommendations into future releases
  • Continual improvements and system enhancements
  • Help desk support available during business hours by email, phone, and online
  • Emergency hot line for after business hour issues