comprehensive property management and work flow platform

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Unified Property Access & Management System... what services we offer rely heavily on the system framework commonly referred to as UPAMS. This system is able to handle the basics of property management, photo compilation, report generation, as well as the complicated aspects such as accounting, portal-to-portal delivery, and scheduling according to strict guidelines.

  • Reduces the overall hassle of the asset management process
  • Customizable interfaces and reports for both field and staff
  • Comprehensive data backups performed routinely
  • Accounting process (payable and receivable) supported
    • QuickBooks integration assistance available
  • Assign custom user access to staff roles
  • Allow broker's access through their own account
  • Interface is fairly basic with all sorts of dynamic controls throughout
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UPAMS Mobile

Our newly developed smart phone application for Android introduces the ability to work directly with UPAMS. With this convenient software, taking photos and uploading directly onto our servers becomes far easier versus using a standalone camera and personal computer. In addition, take advantage of the ability to use Google Maps to route selected properties using the quickest path. Accept or decline jobs, submit comments to the office, and captioning photos, are a few of the remaining features this mobile app has to offer.

  • for Android 5.1+ (iOS support expected soon)
  • View active job information including:
    • the scope of work, field messages, and current photos
  • Capture photos using phone's camera
  • Upload photos securely and reliably
  • Map multiple waypoint directions efficiently
    • uses traveling salesman problem algorithm
  • Submit comments from the field to the office
  • Multiple camera engines supported (Classic & Camera2)
  • Caption photos before or after uploading
  • Simple, no frills, fast and easy to use interface
  • Click here to view application on Google's Play Store...

Our platform infrastructure and technical support allow you to apply resources to core business operations rather than platform maintenance and costly hardware upgrades.

Head over to the Contact form and submit a brief description of what services you are interested in employing. Please feel free to email ( or call us at (336) 627-9998.