FAQ Frequesntly Asked Questions

Unified Property Access & Management System
Current pricing plans vary depending on inventory volume. Contact us to request a quote and further details.
The system is operated in accordance with best practices regarding the security of the system and safeguarding data. This is realized in several ways:
  • Physical security: UPAMS is hosted in a commercial data center which restricts access to the equipment and continuously monitors the facility.
  • Users are given their own accounts to access the system.
  • The system requires users to choose strong passwords (using a combination of upper and lower case letters, digits, and symbols).
  • Too many attempts to log in with invalid credentials results in a temporary lock-out.
  • Old accounts are automatically suspended after a period of inactivity (default: 90 days).
  • Inactive sessions are automatically expired after a period of inactivity (2 hours) and the user must log back in.
  • Users are restricted, according to their profiles, as to what they can access and do in the system.
  • All access to the system and activity within the system is logged.
  • Communication with UPAMS occurs over SSL-encrypted (HTTPS) links.
  • The operating system and applications used by UPAMS are kept up-to-date with the latest security updates.