Comprehensive Property Management and Work Flow Platform

Reduce the overall hassle of the asset management process.


Unified Property Access and Management System

Property Management

Efficiently manage inventories of any size.

Property Management

Efficiently manage inventories of any size.

  • Customizable interfaces and reports.
  • Defined user access.
  • Client and broker access.
  • Import in bulk.
  • Perform bulk operations.
  • Group inventory.
  • Real-time field messages.
  • Local landfill information.
  • Distance-based job assignment.
  • Spreadsheet property synchronization.

Work Flow

Accurately track and manage tasks with ease.

  • Monitor jobs based on assigned, accepted, uploaded, reviewed, revision status.
  • Identify properties that require a specific job, insures proper assignments.
  • Manage recurring jobs with greater efficiency using the Order Services feature.
  • Alert automation for overdue jobs. Supports office staff and field personnel notifications.
  • Duplicate job detection helps reduce human errors.
  • Custom job report provides simple interface for retrieving filtered reports.
  • Smart reporting using reported data allows staff to quickly resolve serious property issues.
  • Ensure field personnel are informed of property conditions with the Worksheet feature.
  • Communication tools notify field personnel to perform extra work during next property visit.
  • Modify jobs without canceling. Supports reassignment, date and pay adjustments, etc.
  • Adjust first or last allowed dates for jobs either singularly or in bulk.
  • Work progress reports submitted by field personnel automate contractor payments.
  • Restrict payment for services until jobs are field verified.
  • Review uploaded jobs for quality control with support to adjust pay based on photographs.
  • Create payments to contractors within seconds. Supports job pay amount threshold alerts.
  • Allow accounting staff to review job payments for accuracy before processing final payment.
  • Contractor payments can optionally require management approval before processing.
  • Robust report generating options available to tailor the final job report.
  • Advanced transfer methods send report files or report data to your clients.

Vendor Tracking

Complete information and accountability.

  • Track and report insurance status, socioeconomic status, training history, etc.
  • Restrict contractors in the system who have not met your requirements.
  • Define contractor areas by county or fine tune using zip codes.
  • Manage overlapping contractor service areas based upon service type.
  • View the most suitable contractor for job assignment based upon system recommendations.
  • Efficiently assign routine assignments with the Contractor Service Area feature.

Quality Control

Avoid costly errors and omissions.

  • Uploaded reports are systematically tested for errors allowing staff to prioritize.
  • Picture policies can be defined for every job task per state. Enables missing picture alerts.
  • Automatic alerts when report questions are not consistent with property conditions.
  • Support for duplicate photograph detection. Alerts staff during review.
  • Previous front elevation photos are displayed during report review for comparison.
  • Automatic processing of reports with lower company liability levels.
  • Automatic comparison of report data with pictures to ensure consistency.

Customer Support

Dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.

  • Server maintenance, hardware component replacement, and operating system upgrades.
  • Constant network monitoring for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Implementation of client suggestions and recommendations into future releases.
  • Continual improvements and system enhancements.
  • Help desk support available during business hours by email, phone, and online.
  • Emergency hot line for after business hour issues.

About Us

Since 2004 we have been developing for property management companies looking to streamline their portfolio.



Solutions tailored for the property field service industry.

  • Our experience and software solutions are a result of servicing contract holders for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Additionally, we have designed and implemented solutions that service a broad spectrum of government-backed mortgage companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Recent developments in the real estate sector have challenged our team to produce customized solutions within small time constraints.
  • We are constantly expanding our platform to allow our customers to better service their clients needs.


Working together.


Choose the right plan without paying too much.

Core Professional Enterprise
Properties / Month 250 500 1000
$2 for each additional property.
Storage / Month 5GB 10GB 20GB
$100 for each additional gigabyte.
Active Users 5 15 35
$50 for each additional user.
Third Party Integrations
(Fees Not Included)
Cost / Month $500 $1,000 $2,000
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